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We, as Diabetics, are aware of many of the issues that can catapult someone who is Pre-Diabetic into the realm of Diabetes Type 2.  It is well known that we need to watch our diet; exercise appropriately; avoid smoking and limit our alcohol intake.  But new studies show that there might be another culprit that has previously garnered little or no attention:  Loneliness!


A new study has shown that Loneliness may cause Hormonal changes which, unexpectedly, may create a situation where Type 2 Diabetes develops.  The study was conducted with 4000 adults without Type 2 Diabetes.  They were asked such questions as:

  • How often do you feel you lack companionship?
  • How often do you feel left out?
  • How often do you feel Isolated from others.

After a decade, when the result totals were tallied, it showed that odds were 46 % greater for those individuals who had an issue with Loneliness of contracting Type 2 than those who did not.  According to PhD Ruth Hackett of The Institute of Psychiatry, Psychology and Neuroscience at Kings College, London in the UK, the study showed a strong relationship between Loneliness and the onset of Type 2 Diabetes.


It had already been accepted that Social Isolation created a risk for Type 2 Diabetes, but that is a different issue than Loneliness.  The best way to explain the difference between the two is that Social Isolation is objective, while Loneliness is subjective, where the individual suffers from dissatisfaction with social and personal relationships.


“We can measure the number of close friends or social activities an individual has,” Dr. Andrew Steptoe of UNIVERSITY COLLEGE in London, UK shared.  “This is how we can objectively determine if one is, in fact, suffering from Social Isolation.”

There is, studies have shown, a direct correlation between the amount of contact we have with family members and close friends.  As the number of these contacts decreases, the propensity for Type 2 Diabetes increases.


Interestingly enough, reducing Stress may help combat the effects of Loneliness which, according to Dr. Steptoe, presents somewhat of an interesting conundrum, if you would, regarding Loneliness and Stress:  “In an attempt to make more friends and thus feel less Lonely, an individual may very well find the undertaking of seeking new/more friends stressful, which, in essence, may be counterproductive!

As you can see, there is so much more to Type 2 Diabetes than you could ever imagine on your own.  That, of course, is why we provide this Blog, and suggest that you do as much research as you can on your own to increase your knowledge, as knowledge is one of the most important entities in your tool belt to build a “Quality Life” as you live with Diabetes!


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This Blog was written, in great part, with information gleaned from the following sources: