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Have you ever noticed that it seems much easier to break a “good” habit than it is a “bad” one!  That is but yet anotherdilemma that Diabetics have to face – - especially when the “habits” have a propensity to adversely affect your Diabetic condition.  With that thought in mind, following is a list of Bad Habits that you need to work diligently to get rid of!


 AVOIDING FISH – Fish is a delicious and healthy form of protein, and one that if you are avoiding you need to re-think!  Their consumption is also a good way to combat Heart Disease, High Blood Pressure, Clogged Arteries.

BEING A NIGHT OWL – Studies have shown that those who get less than six hours of sleep a night run the risk of disrupting Hormones that control Blood Glucose and Hunger, which can lead to weight gain.”  To the Diabetic, especially a Type 2 Diabetic, Sleep truly should be a priority.


EMOTIONAL EATING – Interestingly enough, feeling Hopeless, Worthless, or even Sad, can tend to lead to overeating and weight gain, studies from both Jordan and Holland revealed.  One of the results of Depression, it seems, is that we tend not to take as good of care of ourselves as we should!  Therefore, it is imperative that we do our best to avoid Stress Eating!

INDULGING IN STARCHY CARBS – If you need a “Rule of Thumb,” and most of us do, the American Diabetes Association suggests that we should only cover one quarter of our plates with carbs, whether it be Potatoes, Rice, Pasta, White Bread or any combination thereof.


MIDNIGHT SNACKING – The ideal situation is to consume three balanced meals a day and then call it quits.  However, if you must indulge in something before bedtime, enhance your chance for Healthy success by not even buying such items as donuts, chips, and other items that will curtail weight loss!

SIPPING SUGARY DRINKS – One of the reasons much of America is overweight is the fact that we tend to drink our calories!  And, for the most part, the calories from things such as Sweet Tea, Soda, and various other sugar laden beverages are “empty calories” as the sugars therein have no nutritional value.


SKIMPING ON PRODUCE – While this may come as a surprise to some, it has been determined that lots of veggies in your diet helps with Blood Sugar control and Weight Loss.  The ideal situation, of course, is to avoid those vegetables that are high in starch and concentrate on such things as broccoli, spinach, squash and tomatoes.

       There you have it – - Habits that it would behoove you to break as soon as possible if you are a Diabetic!  And, as we are sure you have noticed, with each Bad Habit you break you should insert in its place a Good one!!!


If you, or someone you know, needs help in managing their Diabetes, please call AVEON HEALTH at 480-300-4663 to make an appointment with a member of our staff and allow them to escort you down the path to an improved quality of life for you and your loved ones!  One of the very special services we provide is offered by our on-staff Podiatrist, a professional that every Diabetic should have as part of their “Medical Staff.”


This Blog was written, in great part, with information gleaned from the following sources: