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Supplements Risk and Benefits

Supplements Risk and Benefits

Many patients are looking to supplements to improve their overall health. While there is a need for supplementation in some patients, over use or inappropriate use of supplements can have harmful effects. Unlike prescription medications, the supplement market has minimal regulation and oversight, allowing for companies to fly under the radar while selling ineffective or tainted products.

Using supplements that undergo testing for quality and safety is essential. A recent study reported that almost half of the vitamins patients buy off the shelf do no contain what they claim to. If you have questions regarding the quality and safety of your supplements, discuss your concerns with your Aveon provider.

Overuse of certain products can have harmful effects. More is  not always better. Recent data suggests that overuse of B12 vitamins is linked to lung cancer. At the same time, patients who have a true deficiency may need additional supplementation due to absorption concerns such as those who are diabetic or individuals who have undergone gastric bypass.

As always, you should discuss the use of all over the counter medications and supplements with your licensed health care provider.