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Folic Acid Awareness Week

Folic Acid Awareness Week

Folic Acid

It is folic acid awareness week. According to the CDC, “Folic acid is a B vitamin. If a woman consumes enough folic acid (400 micrograms (mcg) daily) before and during early pregnancy, it can help prevent her baby from having a neural tube defect. Women can do this by taking a vitamin supplement containing the recommended amount of folic acid or eating enough food that is fortified with folic acid. Fortified foods include enriched breads, pastas, rice, and some breakfast cereals.” Additionally, green leafy veggies, brussels sprouts, asparagus and avocado are naturally high in this b vitamin. Folic acid is essential for all individuals for overall health, not just pregnant females. Ask your Aveon provider about your folic acid needs at your next appointment.