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We are now offering COVID-19 antibody testing here at Aveon Health.

What is a COVID-19 antibody test?

Antibody testing measures the development of immunoglobulins, otherwise known as antibodies, which are produced by your immune system, or when you get a vaccine, to fights off infections. The COVID-19 antibody test looks for the presence of the SARS-CoV-2 IgG antibodies that may have developed after someone has been exposed to or been infected by the virus.

When should I get tested?

If you have been exposed, diagnosed with, or have recently recovered from COVID-19

What if I have not tested positive for COVID-19? Can I still get tested?

The performance characteristics of antibody testing were based on samples collected from patients diagnosed with COVID-19. Because of this, there is limited data on the effectiveness of this test in individuals who have previously tested negative for COVID-19 using molecular testing.

Will my insurance cover testing?

Some laboratories are not billing patients for this test when ordered by a physician. Without a doctor’s visit, laboratories will charge.

Why is the antibody test helpful?

The presences of these antibodies may aid in contact tracing and general population surveillance to pre-empt potential future outbreaks and establish “herd immunity” in populations. The antibody test may also help with an experimental treatment called convalescent plasma, a liquid found in your blood, which is currently being evaluated as a potential treatment option for COVID-19